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If you’re looking to ace the tennis betting market, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at FindBets we’ve got all the major tournaments covered, from Wimbledon and the French Open through to the Davis Cup.

Tennis is right up there with the most popular betting sports globally due to its widespread competitive appeal.

And despite being a non-contact sport, the physical strength and endurance needed to play it can rival any head-to-head sport for excitement.

Some of the best and most loved sportsmen and women have clashed within the tramlines, including some seriously gripping games between Andy Murray and Roger Federer, John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors.

Whichever series takes your fancy, you’ll find a bet to suit your budget below so read on to find out why tennis betting is so popular and some of our top tips for punting your pounds:

What types of tennis bets are there?

As with many other sports, the type of bet you want to wager on is your decision. Some bettors prefer handicaps while others want game and set totals to punt on.

You could try some of these popular tennis bets, including:

  • Value bets
  • Correct score
  • In-play or live betting
  • Match, set or tournament winner
  • Handicap betting

Value bets

If you know nothing when it comes to a betting slip, learn this – the best tip we can offer for tennis! Only bet where this is value.

You need to believe that the outcome is more likely than what the odds suggest. Let’s say Dunblane’s finest, Andy Murray is about to take on Rafael Nadal, with the Spaniard having won  71% of their battles. Bookies would probably have odds on Nadal, meaning he would be the favourite to win based on his current form and ranking.

However, if a bookie offers odds of 1.50 and you assessed the probability of Nadal winning at around 70%, then there would be around 12% value in the odds on offer of Nadal winning – a great value bet. If you think the chances of Nadal winning are greater than the probability offered by the bookie, then you’d take the bet.

Correct score

Here, you guess the result for a given tennis match. You will get the choice of a certain player to win or the score at the end of the game. If you put a bit of time into looking at the form of players, you’ll find there’s a good chance that you can guess a certain scoreline. But obviously bookies aren’t going to make it this easy for you – otherwise everyone would be reaping the benefits!

In-play or live betting

This is where you make a bet when the match or set is live and try to predict the next player to, for example, ‘ace’, double fault or win the next game. It can also be known as live betting.

One bonus about this style of betting is that it allows you to assess what has gone on in the set before you even place a bet.

With all the will in the world, only so much researching will help you when it comes to betting as there is a lot of luck involved – and of course, everyone has an off-day!

A second advantage of live betting is that you can cash-in early if you see that your bet is going to pot.

Match, set or tournament winner

Set winner betting is similar to betting for a match winner, except you are only betting on the result of an individual set. It’s a good way to part with your cash if there are, for example, two equal female players in a set at Wimbledon and you think that the match will go to a third set decider. This will greatly increase the odds compared to straight outright match betting.

Most tennis games consist of three sets in a match, with some men’s tournaments going to five sets and so, of course, there are limited outcomes of matches. Bookmakers also give you the option to bet on individual sets, for example, only the second.

Handicap betting

This is considered a high-value market for its ability to leverage additional profit in otherwise one-sided games.

This type of betting consists of a player being given an advantage or disadvantage before the match even starts. This could be plus or minus games or entire sets. The best times to use bets like these are when you have your eyes on the favourite for an easy win but want to leverage more profit or you think an outsider could beat the opponent if they had a handicap.

Of course, there’s more than just the types of bets to consider. There’s also the weather, the type of court and random injuries, which can all play havoc with a player’s chances of winning. For all the best tennis bets, check back here for the best free bets around.

Which pro tournaments can I bet on?

Where do we start? There are hundreds. But one of the most popular is the men’s tour, known as the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), where there are value bets to be placed every day.

Within it are three levels: the ATP Tour (top flight), ATP Challenge Tour and IFT Futures.

There’s also the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) which has similar hierarchical tiers.

Players in both tournaments are ranked according to how many points they managed to bag over a year. There are a designated number of points available to win per event plus extra points for players dependant on their finishing spot in a competition.

With both men and women competing in different series including Grand Slams, premier mandatory tournaments and international tournaments, you are sure to find something to take your fancy.