Searching for the very best odds available? Bookies with “best odds guaranteed” offers let you access the best starting prices on the market, including adjusted starting prices to make sure you always get the maximum possible winnings.

Best Odds Guaranteed

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How Do Best Odds Guaranteed Offers Work?

Best odds guaranteed offers are designed to make sure punters get the most rewarding odds for bets on horse racing, greyhound racing and other events.

As part of a best odds guaranteed offer, you’re guaranteed the best starting price, even if you didn’t get it initially. If you could have gotten a better starting price for your bet, the bookie will award it after the fact, making sure you get the most lucrative possible odds.

This means that you can bet with confidence, even if the particular odds have time to fluctuate throughout the day.

Bookies that offer best odds guaranteed offers also offer starting price matching even if you go for an early price or fixed odds price. As a punter, best odds guaranteed offers are a great deal, offering more lucrative odds and an enhanced winnings potential.

What Are Best Odds Guaranteed Plus Offers?

In addition to best odds guaranteed offers, bookies may offer “best odds guaranteed plus” offers for punters. These offers let you access the best odds as a punter, as well as a potential bonus enhancement to make your bet more lucrative. With a best odds guaranteed plus offer:

  • You’ll get a matched starting price, even if it’s better than the fixed odds or early price.
  • The bookie won’t just match the best starting price — they’ll also offer an enhancement, making a successful bet more lucrative.
  • As a punter, you’ll get the best possible odds on your bet, letting you bet on horse racing, greyhounds and other events with full confidence that you’ll get the maximum winnings if your bet is successful.

How to Make the Most of Best Odds Guaranteed Bonuses

Just like other betting offers, it helps to research, study and form a strategy before you use best odds guaranteed bonuses. Below, we’ve shared some tips that you can use to get better results from your best odds guaranteed bets:

  • Get the best deal as a punter by placing your bet as early as possible, especially if you think the bookies have calculated the odds for a specific horse or race result poorly.
  • Bet strategically! Best odds guaranteed offers can help you access the best deals as a punter, but it’s still important to bet intelligently. Study, research and form a strategy for your bets before you start and you’ll increase your chance of winning.
  • Compare bookies before you choose a place to bet. Best odds guaranteed (and best odds guaranteed plus) offers can vary between bookies, meaning there’s not always a single “best” option for placing your bet.
  • Check the terms and conditions before you bet. Best odds guaranteed offers usually aren’t available with other promotions (such as accumulator bonuses), meaning you might need to adjust your betting habits in order to be eligible.