Want to get an extra bonus on top of your winnings? An accumulator bonus gives you enhanced winnings when you place several bets and win all of them, giving you more winnings and some extra excitement.

Accumulator Bonus

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How Do Accumulator Bonuses Work?

Accumulator bonuses are bonuses that provide enhanced terms if you place multiple bets and win all of them.

Most accumulator bonuses are available when you place and win two or more bets. If your bets are successful, your accumulator bonus could provide an extra percentage of your winnings for a more lucrative bonus.

Accumulator bonuses are most lucrative if you usually place multiple bets, since most bonuses require at least two bets before becoming active.

Most accumulator bonuses give a percentage bonus on top of your winnings, although some can offer a specific sum. Some accumulator bonuses pay out proportionate to the amount of bets you make, meaning you can often win a larger bonus by placing more bets.

Accumulator bonuses aren’t always available. For example, some betting websites require that you place bets with certain odds (generally moderate to high odds) to qualify for an accumulator bonus.

Not all betting websites offer accumulator bonuses, meaning you’ll want to specifically look for bookies with good accumulator bonuses if you frequently place multiple bets at once.

How to Use an Accumulator Bonus

Accumulator bonuses are available for a variety of sports, although the most popular bonuses are usually for football. For example, if you bet on the result of three Premier League football games at once, you could become eligible for a lucrative accumulator bonus.

To place a bet with an accumulator bonus, start by checking that the bookie you’re using offers accumulator bonuses. Once you’ve checked that the bonus is available, choose the teams and results you’d like to bet on.

Before you place your bet, double check that your selection meets the minimum odds required to qualify for an accumulator bonus. After you’ve checked this, place your bet and wait to see if your choices are successful.

How to Make the Most of Accumulator Bonuses

Like other betting promotions, betting strategically can help you make the most of accumulator bonuses. To get the best results from accumulator bonuses, it’s best to:

  • Opt for a modest selection of bets, rather than making a large selection. While a large selection can help you potentially win a higher accumulator bonus, it also comes with more risk.
  • Research the teams, tips and news before you bet. By checking the news, predictions and other data, you’ll make more informed bets that increase your chance of winning accumulator bonuses.

If you’re betting on football, don’t forget the draw option. Not all games end with a win, and betting on the occasional draw when you’re uncertain about a result can help you increase your chances of winning an accumulator bonus.