Want to get the best deal as a punter? Almost all UK bookies offer betting offers designed to get you onboard and placing bets, ranging from special offers for new customers to retention offers designed to prevent you from switching to another bookie.

Below, we’ve listed the most popular betting offers provided by UK bookies, with information on how each offer works for you as a punter.

Betting Offers

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New Customer Betting Offers

Ready to start placing bets online? As a new customer, you’re spoilt for choice. Almost all UK bookmakers offer special offers for new customers, ranging from free bets to enhanced odds that are only available for your first few bets.

New customer offers are designed to encourage you to choose one bookie over another. As a punter, comparing new customer offers can help you get the most for your money when signing up for a new online bookmaker, especially if you’re willing to place a large initial deposit.

Retention Betting Offers

The opposite of new customer offers, retention betting offers are designed to encourage existing punter to stick with their current bookie.

Because of new customer offers, it can be tempting to move from one bookie to another. Special retention offers reward loyalty, meaning you may be able to enjoy enhanced odds, free bets and other special privileges if you stay with one bookie instead of switching from one to another.

Best Odds Guaranteed Betting Offers

Can’t decide between an early price or a potentially better start price? Best odds guaranteed offers let you bet with confidence, knowing that even if the price changes, you’ll always get the best possible deal.

This means that even if your price fluctuates from an early 6/1 to an 8/1 starting price, you’ll get the best odds even if you placed your bet at the earlier price.

Betting Accumulator Offers

Interested in betting on multiple results? Available when you bet on two or more results, betting accumulators can help you enjoy enhanced winnings if your bets are successful, giving you an extra dose of excitement as well as a financial reward.

Betting accumulators are available for many sports, although they’re most commonly found on Premier League football matches. Many bookies offer bonuses in combination with accumulator offers, such as free bets if your accumulator bonus is let down by one unsuccessful bet.

Enhanced Odds Betting Offers

Interested in betting on an upcoming football match? Enhanced odds offers (which are normally only available to new customers) let you enjoy better-than-normal odds, making a winning bet a significant amount more lucrative than usual.

Enhanced odds offers normally come with some restrictions, particularly on the amount you can stake. However, used effectively, they can potentially make your first few bets significantly more lucrative than normal.

Price Boost Betting Offers

Similar to enhanced odds promotions, price boost betting offers pay out extra on specific bets, such as a certain player scoring a goal. Unlike enhanced odds, they tend to be available for a wide range of sports and outcomes — not just the match price.

Price boost offers are available from most of the UK’s top bookmakers, often as special offers for new customers.

Sports-Specific Betting Offers

Want to bet on a specific match or event? Sports-specific betting offers give you benefits such as enhanced odds and free bets on certain sporting events, making a bet on a specific match more lucrative if you win.

Sports-specific betting offers are available for almost all sports, from Premier League football to horse racing and more.